World Vegan Month

To celebrate World Vegan Month, we have created our “Vegan Special” Fakey Cakey.

Although we are not (yet?!) a vegan business, World Vegan Month reflects many values that we hold dear, highlighting how accessible and enjoyable a vegan lifestyle can be, as well as all the benefits – both personally and globally.

Even if you’re not yet fully-fledged, embracing a vegan lifestyle and vegan dishes – even for just one day at a time – can really make a difference.

Our “Vegan Special” Fakey Cakey showcases how delicious vegan food can be, with hand-crafted layers of soya-mince, aubergine, courgette, tofu and bell peppers.

You can purchase our “Vegan Special” throughout November in Petite size (for one – £8.99) and Rule-of-Six size (for six – £49).