Why We Love Fakey Cakey

Fakey Cakey is the launch of a new concept that Tokyo Diner has been refining for many years. We chose the name based on a Japanese term「ワクワク ケーキ」that roughly translates as “Brilliant Cake”. (OK, we know it's a funny name. But during those endless lockdown Zoom meetings, it triggered a screenful of smiling faces. So we thought "let's run with it!")


We've been gradually improving Fakey Cakeys for several years to perfect the recipes in terms of texture and nutrition - as well as creating a mouthwatering range of all-natural colours and flavours.


Fakey Cakeys are all savoury. Many are made with fish, meat or seafood, but there are also plenty of vegetarian & vegan options. All our ingredients are sourced sustainably.


Instead of being based on sugar, fat and wheat flour, Fakey Cakeys are made from healthy, balanced, (mainly Japanese) ingredients and are decorated with a variety of toppings and fillings to bring all the visual impact of a birthday (or other celebration) cake – but with no guilty feelings if you want a second helping.

What’s your Fakey Cakey?