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  • Sashimi range (RAW fish)

    Classic Sashimi Fakey Cakey

    Salmon, hamachi, avocado and dashimaki tamago (all diced). Topped with ground salmon and decorated with sliced avocado and ikura-caviar. Our own way of presenting one of Japan’s most iconic flavours.

  • Sashimi range (RAW fish)

    Colosseum Fakey Cakey

    Slices of salmon, hamachi and avocado. Decorated with sliced salmon, diced seafood, diced dashimaki tamago and sprinkled with ikura-caviar, masago-caviar and tobiko-mini-caviar. The perfect stage for a spectacle of Japanese flavours, where you are the Emperor.

  • Sashimi range (RAW fish)

    Seafood Sashimi Fakey Cakey

    Slices of salmon and mixed fish with seafood and avocado. Garnished with a sprinkling of masago-caviar and tobiko-mini-caviar. The bounty of the sea brought to you in a carefully-crafted ensemble.