Regular Fakey Cakey & Sushi Set


One Petite-size Fakey Cakey, one large sushi set, one small sushi set OR one side dish, and two drinks



Large Options
9 Uramaki (Salmon & Avocado)9 Uramaki (Salmon & Avocado ) 9 Uramaki (Vegan)9 Uramaki (Vegan) Sashimi SetSashimi Set
null8 Uramaki (Veggie Tempura) null8 Uramaki (Seafood Kakiage) null8 Double Uramaki (Prawn, Avocado, Cucumber & Caviar) with Kaisō Salad
null4+4 Double Uramaki (Salmon & Avocado) with Kaisō Salad 5 Nigiri(Salmon) and 4 Uramaki (Salmon & Avocado) 10 Mix Nigiri10 Mix Nigiri
Small or Side Options
3 Inari3 Inari 3 Ikura Gunkan3 Ikura Gunkan 4 Nigiri (Salmon)4 Nigiri (Salmon)
Half Sashimi setHalf Sashimi set Half Uramaki (Vegan )Half Uramaki ( Vegan ) Half Uramaki ( Salmon & Avocado )Half Uramaki ( Salmon & Avocado )
Kaisō Salad EdamameEdamame Tsukemono PicklesTsukemono Pickles


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